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Hudson Valley Bean Club

Hudson Valley Bean Club

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The Details


What you get:

  • Six bags in each box, each one a different variety.
  • Varieties range from pantry staples to uncommon heirlooms, each with unique cooking qualities to discover.
  • A diversity of beans + a single bag of heirloom popcorn also grown by us.
  • In total, we will share 16 pounds of freshly harvested and dried bounty with you. That totals 128 servings of pure plant protein.

Worried you might get too much leguminous goodness to handle? Properly harvested and dried beans (like ours!) stay fresh and tasty in your pantry for at least a year. Our retail-style bean bags make great gifts as well.

You will also receive fun varietal lore, cooking tips and more via a monthly bean dispatch - we are serious bean nerds and love to swap bean stories and favorite recipes!

You will pay once for your club share, and pick up TWO boxes at your chosen location -- one in January and one in March. Exact pickup days are TBD but generally span a weekend to allow ample time for pickup.

Pickup Locations

We are honored to work with some of the best folks in the valley to get you your beans. 

Scheduled pickup dates for all sites: January 19th-21st + March 15th-17th

Suarez Family Brewery - Hudson, NY

Foxtrot Farm & Flowers - Stanfordville, NY

Chaseholm Farm - Pine Plains, NY

Glynwood Center - Cold Spring, NY

Left Bank Ciders - Catskill, NY

Payment Details:

$5 off share cost when you pay by check (enter discount code PAYBYCHECK at checkout)

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