Collection: Spring Share

A diverse bean box for all your colorful summer cooking, from pantry staples to uncommon heirlooms. 

Organically grown in the Finger Lakes region. We are farmer-owned!

5 bags of distinct bean varieties and 1 bag of popcorn in a one time pickup or shipment later this spring. 

Each share totals 7.5 lbs. Worried you might get too much leguminous goodness to handle? Beans that have been properly harvested and dried (like ours!) will keep their optimal flavor in your pantry for at least one year. Our retail-style packs make great gifts too.

You will receive fun varietal lore and cooking tips via a bean dispatch with each share - we are serious bean nerds and love to swap bean stories and favorite recipes! 

 Read more about our bean and popcorn varieties on the "Variety Guide" page. Note that not all varieties listed will be included the spring share (we've sold out of some!)