We are farmer-run.

We grow the highest quality crops we can, while stewarding the land as best we know how. We are grow some ourselves and source others from our talented organic farmer neighbors to bring you a diverse selection for your pantry. We are committed to supporting a resilient regional staple crop economy here in the Finger Lakes.


Lo Rida Farm | Danby, NY

Kristen Loria started Buttermilk Bean in 2021 and farms at Lo Rida Farm, growing dry beans, popcorn and cover crops in a diverse rotation at White Hawk Ecovillage in Danby, NY.

Kristen has been farming for 10 years, training on vegetable farms in the Hudson Valley where she first dabbled in dry beans and staple crops working at Sparrowbush Farm in Livingston. With a Master’s in Plant Breeding, Kristen specializes in uniquely beautiful and delicious dry bean varieties, from heirlooms to entirely new varieties being developed on the farm.

Annual staple crops are grown in part in an alley cropping system between rows of newly planted hazelnut trees, reducing erosion and runoff from tilled areas and maximizing overall productivity and ecological niche diversity in our shared fields. Lo Rida Farm uses organic and agro-ecological production methods.


Half Hitch Farm | Hector, NY

Emily Rodekohr and Joey Bromfield grow edible beans on a few organic acres in Hector, NY, on the divide between the Chesapeake Bay and St. Lawrence watersheds. Emily has studied and worked in the plant sciences at Cornell and uses that background to choose the best bean varieties for this region and tinker with new ones. Joey is a student of agriculture, but a master of fixing, building, rigging and positive attitude.

They are excited to work with Buttermilk Bean to build the beanshed the Finger Lakes region deserves.


Tidings Farm | Trumansburg, NY

Maggie grew up in a near-total absence of agriculture in the middle of New York's Adirondack Park. In high school, exposure to Essex Farm planted a horse-power seed in her heart, and experiences in college sold her on organic agriculture. She gained experience working on small farms, both horse-powered and not, for five years, and then started her own part-time project in 2022. Maggie currently lives in Trumansburg, New York, and grows dry beans and direct-seeded vegetables at Finch Farm/Wide Awake Bakery with the help of friends, two borrowed draft horses, and a bunch of antique equipment. She is also training up a young horse for her future farm. She is excited to continue improving her methods for growing delicious, beautiful plant protein with horse power!

Seneca Grain and Bean | Penn Yan, NY

Seneca Grain and Bean provides many of our staple bean varieties for the bean club. Led by Peter Martens, Seneca Grain and Bean was founded by the Martens family, organic field crop pioneers in the Northeast and owners of Lakeview Organic Grain.

While Lakeview Organic grain provides regionally-grown organic animal feed to farms throughout the Northeast, Seneca Grain and Bean specializes in the highest quality food-grade organic small grains, corn and dry beans. The Martens farm organically on 1600 acres, and also work with neighboring organic farmers to grow and clean top quality grains and beans.


Harvey Zimmerman

Harvey and Evelyn Zimmerman farm organically in Penn Yan. In addition to raising their organic dairy herd, the Zimmermans grow organic forages, some small grains and dry beans. The Zimmermans use organic no-till methods to grow their dry beans, an innovative technique that uses a cover crop mulch to suppress weeds rather than relying on repeated soil tillage. Harvey has grown some beautiful navy and cranberry beans that we were thrilled to share in the bean club this winter.


DG Farms | Enfield, NY

Dan Gladstone grows organic small grains, corn and soybeans on rented land in Enfield, in addition to his main hustle as Production Manager at Oechsner Farms in Newfield, principal suppliers of organic grain to Farmer Ground Flour in Trumansburg. While Dan specializes in small grains, he grew a lovely crop of navy beans for us in 2020 and we hope he’ll give it another go soon…!